Launched in 2016, XXLLENT is an online marketplace selling the idea that beauty is beyond size with its plus-size clothing for men and women.

Most of us often turn to retail therapy to unwind, but did you realise that it’s not inclusive? What feels like a wonderland of possibilities for slim or average-sized shoppers is an anxiety-ridden experience for anyone in a plus size. After all, being told repeatedly that something your heart is set on is just not made in your size isn’t something your self-esteem can handle easily. The subtext most brands are trying to put out seems clear – fashion is not for everyone.

That’s what Raksha Shetty, with her plus-size-only fashion marketplace XXLLENT, is trying to change. She is offering the latest fashion choices and trends to plus-size divas and men, ensuring that they sail through every single day in style.

Raksha, 30, was out shopping on a regular day with a cousin when she was exposed to what she terms as a “hard-hitting reality of the apparel industry”.




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