My favorite vegetarian chili uses bulgur. It’s a perfect way to bulk up a meal with a meat-like replacement. Is it the same as a traditional ragu? Not even close. And yet, it’s delicious in it’s own way. The red lentils breakdown to form a thick sauce base and the bulgur is really the star. Don’t plan on using other lentils- the split red lentils work best.

A hearty vegetarian main featuring tomato-based bulgur/lentil sauce smothering a mash of parsnips and rutabagas.

I will start out saying I’m a bit hesitant to call this ragu given there’s no meat and it’s not served on pasta. And yet, here I am, calling it lentil ragu primarily because it’s the closest thing to describe this bulky sauce. Traditional ragu is made using stewed meats but do a quick search and you will see that most people use lentils for a solid vegetarian substitute. I took this and went one step more by adding bulgur.





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