Get ready to stare at your screen for a while.

Your friends might think you’re the calmest, most reserved person in the group, but your daydreams suggest otherwise. You’re constantly fantasizing about new cities, possible social scenarios, and DIY projects you want to start this weekend. You sometimes have a hard time engaging with the present, because you know that inside your mind, a more exciting and thrilling reality awaits.

Things aren’t perfect, but you’re pretty satisfied with the way things are. You’ve got loving friends, an exciting Netflix queue, and a job you at least kind of enjoy. That said, you know that if you were to break out of your routine and risk some discomfort, you could fulfill all the personal and professional dreams you aspired to as a kid.

You’re one of those elusive extroverted introverts. You fare well in new environments and have a lot of friends, but truth be told, being in any kind of social situation drains you. Your ideal setting is in a crowd — where you can easily switch on and off between engaging with the people around you, and keeping to yourself.

You’re always running at 200% and people often wonder how you’re able to squeeze so much life into a single day. You have a low tolerance for the tedious routines that make up your everyday life, forcing you to be on a constant hunt for the next adventure. And though being an adrenaline junkie makes life fun, you’re also constantly having to remind yourself the slower moments aren’t necessarily less worth cherishing.

Quick to compliment and acknowledge others and full of insightful advice, you’re honestly the best friend anyone could have. But you’re not always so kind to yourself, often choosing to either prioritize others before you, or ignoring your wants into oblivion. Remind yourself to treat or call attention to yourself once in a while, and you won’t go crazy!



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