First of all, if you haven’t been watching Jane the Virgin, you’re in luck, because Netflix has the first three seasons up, so you can scoot over there. Jane has never strayed away dealing with complicated issues from abortion, mental health, illegal/legal immigration, and the general hardships of being a young mother. In the most recent episode of Jane, they revealed a male bisexual character and had a very nuanced conversation about it.

This is not the show’s first time to discuss LGBTQIA identities. Back in season two, it was revealed that Rogelio’s father was gay, and there was a whole storyline about how he was leaving his wife to live a life outside of the closet. It was powerful to see a show that had always had a religious undertone deliver a complex story about a Latinx man wanting to live his truth later in life.

In the most recent episode, Jane’s love interest and first love, Adam (played by Tyler Posey), was “revealed” to be bisexual. Adam was Jane’s first true love when she was nineteen, and they even almost got married. In the years since they were together, Adam has become a comic book artist and has now been getting reacquainted with Jane and her new life.

Jane finds out that Adam is bisexual when her best friend Lina’s fiancé, Danny, has a mutual friend in common who Adam used to date—a guy.




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