Growing up, accepting and enjoying my sexuality was a difficult path. Though I’m probably not telling you anything many of you didn’t already know. I had the same problems as millions of other queer people when everybody found out I liked men. You already know this story; you’ve heard it before many times. And, of course, queer people like us finally live freely, completely and true to ourselves.

#OutAndProud, right? So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I won’t waste your time further.

Yes, all my relatives, classmates, coworkers and friends know I love cock. Yes, I go out to gay bathhouses, gay clubs and even gay birthday parties. Yes, I have exciting anonymous sex with strangers in restrooms, fuck-clubs or in the subway (but that’s another story).

But what if I told you that I’m still in the closet? You wouldn’t believe me, right? That hardly sounds like being closeted!

Let me tell you a secret: I repress… my straight sexuality. I’m a closeted bisexual guy, as many of us are.

If you’re not bi, please don’t click away — people need to read about bisexuality for the same reason we have Pride festivals every year. Bi people should be out, proud and treated with respect. But a lot of our battles for acceptance take place in the gay community.


The Queer Community Needs to Stop Shoving People Back in the Bisexual Closet


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